Charnes cooper and rhodes 1978 pdf files

In this paper we focus on the application of dea in information and communication technologies. A survey and analysis of the first 40 years of scholarly literature in dea. Rhodes european journal of operational research, 1978, vol. Rhodes 1978, in which the term data envelopment analysis dea was first used. The use of dea data envelopment analysis methodology to. The application of dea in ict has received considerable attention in the recent.

As we shall use it, the term program will refer to a collec. Data envelopment analysis approach and its application in. Rhodes 1978, measuring the efficiency of decision making units, european journal of operational research 2. Charnes, cooper, and rhodes 1978 introduced dea as a tool for measuring. Volume 2, issue 6, november 1978, pages 429444 measuring the efficiency of decision making units. Applying benchmarking and data envelopment analysis dea.

Pdf on the origins of data envelopment analysis researchgate. Analysis and we present its application in information and communication. An introduction to efficiency and productivity analysis. European journal of operational research, 1978, vol. Data envelopment analysis dea is a nonparametric method in operations research and. The economic efficiency of european football clubs data. Measuring the efficiency of decision making units econpapers. European journal of operational research 2 1978429444. The first application of dea was to public schools in the evaluation of program follow through charnes, cooper, and rhodes, 1981. Since dea was first introduced in 1978, researches in a number of fields have in a. Data envelopment analysis and commercial bank performance. Rhodes 1978 socalled ccr model assumed a convex cone.

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