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George henry sanders 3 july 1906 25 april 1972 was a british film and television actor, singersongwriter, music composer, and author. Get 50% off hundreds of family movies when you preorder on fandangonow today. The movie poster thread page 82 classic horror film board. Find out when and where you can watch bluebeard s ten honeymoons on tv with the full listings schedule at. The 1960 monthly film bulletin notes that the british cut of the film had a running time of 93 minutes and was 8,336 ft. The opening cast credits for bluebeard s ten honeymoons differ in order from the closing credits. A ladykiller is driven to desperation and murder by the long line of mistresses whose bodies he keeps. The reallife henridesir landru was a frenchman who murdered approximately eighteen persons between 1914 and 1919. He entered show business in london as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy.

The story of blue beard a gripping tale from the past. Download the microsoft news app for complete covid19 coverage ad sponsored. Complete film noir 1940 thru 1965 page 1 of 18 consensus. She made her professional stage debut in july 1940 at the open air theatre. George payed the leadibg part for the first 18 months or so of this very successful weekly radio serial. Glenn erickson s dvd wish list 2012 latest revision january 24. In the 1963 episode of the twilight zone entitled the new exhibit, a wax figure of landru plays an important role. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons it should have read morally objectionable in part for everyone. Bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960 the motion pictures.

Dec 15, 2017 dark alibi is a 1946 american film directed by phil karlson featuring sidney toler as charlie chan. Maxine audley 29 april 1923 23 july 1992 was an english theatre and film actress. Bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960 a gold digger persuades her older lover to murder for her. Judith enters the torture chamber the 1972 bluebeard directed by edward dmytryk with richard burton in the titular role hits some of the same psychedelic notes, in a sloppy 60s gogo farcical. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Lee wilder featuring george sanders, corinne calvet, jean kent a parisian antique dealer falls for a singer, but her expensive tastes causes him to turn to murdering rich widows for their money. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons the man with the doityourself murder kit. Bluebeards eighth wife 1938, directed by ernst lubitsch. Bluebeards eighth wife film by lubitsch 1938 britannica. The 1962 film landru, directed by claude chabrol, was inspired by the murders.

Information about us and our products available on website. She played emma peel in the tv series the avengers. Msn new zealand latest news, hotmail, outlook, photos and. Sep 17, 2017 bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960 tcm viewing very obscure film from w.

The bluebeard story also echoes the story of the fall. A selfminded adventurer jeff webster locks horns with a crooked lawman mr. The film was inspired by a real criminal named henri landru, a french serial killer dubbed the bluebeard of gambais. The fatal effects of female curiosity have long been the subject of story and legend. Buy bluebeards ten honeymoons movie posters from movie poster shop. The indelible aspects of this film come in a strange other worldly set design that envelopes judith as she ventures deeper into bluebeards castle. Here are 3 original 8x10 glossy photos from the 1960 horror murder mystery thriller bluebeards ten honeymoons starring george sanders. The feature includes lots of box outs and sections devoted to different. I have not yet roped him into the classics but even he was chuckling along to the banter as it played out on the screen.

Vlad tepes 1979 synopsis, characteristics, moods, themes and related. Bluebeard is a wealthy and powerful nobleman who has been married several times to beautiful women who have all mysteriously vanished. This is the crazy plot of bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960, written by myles wilder and directed by w. The newest style of bluebeard film is the slasher movie, beginning in the 60s with pictures such as mario bavas 1964 blood and black lace, which started a persistent convention of privileging bluebeards point of view.

The weapon the convict is holding on the new zealand version looks a bit wonky. Bluebeards great wealth, however, persuades one father to give his daughters hand to him. Bluebeards ten honeymoons 3 photos reel deals movie. Innocent truck driver glenn ford gets mixed up with femme fatale janis carter and an embezzlement scheme in framed 1947 at 10 a. After their studies at the lecole du movie theater. No, it is open because she is open and vulnerable, and when richard burton says he is going to throw her to the dogs she only closes it for one brief gulp. The script is clever and the sets are lavish, with bluebeard s estate evoking e. Serial killer henri desire landru the reallife bluebeard.

Compared to other marital thrillers, this film is somewhat unusual. Oct 14, 2017 landru was the inspiration for charlie chaplin s film monsieur verdoux 1947. No quotes approved yet for bluebeards ten honeymoons. He worked on several british tv series of the 1960s and 1970s, including the lead in the first series of the avengers and the lotus eaters, and played roles in the films the hill 1965, repulsion 1965, get carter 1971, and theatre of blood 1973. In giving his wife the keys to his castle, bluebeard is acting the part of the serpent, and therefore of the devil, and his. The script is clever and the sets are lavish, with bluebeards estate evoking e.

May 11, 20 the film itself, however, didnt make much of a mark on me. Statuesque, seductive french leading lady who underwent many early career changes before buying the operating profession. He worked in a birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He played the role of secret agent john steed in the british television series the avengers. Bluebeard s ten honeymoons is a 1960 british thriller film directed by w. Whether is was a cost and time factor or and a complete lack of talent in the designing department, who knows. Broadcast 1939 10 1 a christmas carol broadcast 19391224 peter ibbetson broadcast 19399 10.

The killer in these films, as in the bluebeard fairy tale, remains unknown and unknowable he is a gloved hand, he. Bluebeards ten honeymoons movie quotes rotten tomatoes. Yes, it does take repeated use for more than a few days, but you will be wellrewarded for your efforts. When bluebeard visits his neighbor and asks to marry one of his daughters, the girls are terrified. In this movie charlie chan works with a public defender to. Happy death day 2u 2019 horror double side ds rare film poster india orig eng. Not in the best shape, but i dig the graphics with the bride followed by a long line of skeletons. The opening cast credits for bluebeards ten honeymoons differ in order from the closing credits. During her career, audley performed with both the old vic company and the royal shakespeare company multiple times. Lee wilder and starring george sanders, corinne calvet, and jean kent. Charlie chan dark alibi 1946 crime mystery youtube. It doesnt just hang open, as jaws used to hang agape in bad victorian novels. The film in which brackett and wilder supposedly perfected the hollywood ploy of meeting cute with a riviera department store scene where.

Bluebeards ten honeymoons movie tv listings and schedule. Best and the worse daybills, locally produced artwork. We are a small, dedicated company with many years experience, based in the united states,serving a select community of patrons, domestically and. Oak hill j bristol whis bluefieuf wdbj roanoke 8 wchs charleston 10 wsls roanoke 11 wjhl johnson city whtn. Ill have the complete suts lineup below, but first heres a rundown of the rest of the weeks highlights. The 1960 film bluebeard s ten honeymoons starred george sanders as landru.

Australian daybill and a less than impressive new zealand daybill. Bluebeards ten honeymoons movie and vintage film posters. Renowned director claude chabrol tackled the same subject matter with a much higher budget and a more professional cast just two years after this one 1962 s landru and no one has seen that film either. Dvd savant suspended this wish list feature in january of 2012. There is something about the lime juice i suspect that combines with the essential oils, to clean the crud buildup and leave a nice feeling along with the. Lee wilder with george sanders, corinne calvet, jean kent, patricia roc, year. Eve, lots wife, pandora, and psyche are all examples of mythic stories where womens curiosity is punished by dire consequences. In 1938, billy wilder cowrote a screwball comedy variant on the bluebeard tale, produced by ernst lubitsch. Were your movie poster source for new releases and vintage movie posters. Bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. His upperclass english accent and bass voice often led him to be cast as sophisticated but villainous characters. Blue collar 1978 4 lobby cards in a complete set 11x14 lobby card set.

Bluebeards original beard wash takes care of the rest with outstanding results. Bluefield daily telegraph archives, jul 10, 1966, p. She has no choice but to marry him, and after a lavish wedding feast she begins her new life in his castle. In this movie charlie chan works with a public defender to clear a man wrongly convicted and. Corinne calvet 1st ventured in to the field of legal law in the sorbonne, after that gained certification as an inside decorator with an understanding of great arts and antiques.

A murderer enriches his finances by marrying and then killing off a series of wealthy women. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons 1960 letterboxd social film. Dark alibi is a 1946 american film directed by phil karlson featuring sidney toler as charlie chan. Bluebeards ten honeymoons 1959 paris antiques dealer landru george sanders woos, weds and kills rich women to keep his greedy girlfriend corinne calvet happy. With george sanders, corinne calvet, jean kent, patricia roc. Bluebeards eighth wife couldnt of done that any better for me if i had personally ordered it. One day as bluebeard is going away on a journey, he entrusts the keys to his castle to her, and warns his wife never to go into a certain room. See more ideas about jean kent, british actresses and actresses. I havent seen this film since the late 80s when it appeared on a small and brand new tv station in bozeman, montana. Read the bluebeards eighth wife movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on movies. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons it should have read morally objectionable in part for everyone e. Renowned director claude chabrol tackled the same subject matter with a much higher budget and a more professional cast just two years after this one 1962s landru and no one has seen that film either.

This film has a lot of neat ideas, some beautiful women, and burton as worldweary baron with a campy, phony, middleeuropean accent. Complete film noir 1940 thru 1965 page 2 of 18 consensus film noir 1940 thru 1959 19601965 iinternet movie database 24march2016 efilm noir encyclopedia. Gallery of 9 movie poster and cover images for bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960. Movie buffs forever is a licensed search, acquisition and movie manufactured by demand agency intended for the professional entertainment industry clientele, and serious private movie collectors. His film debut, in 1936, was as curly randall in find the lady 1936. Many of the episodes are available to listen to online, e. All of the highlighted titles have links to full length articles. It began in 2007 as a way of keeping track of upcoming product, but the work required to keep it up proved to be too much. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons 1960 australian daybill and the.

Best and the worse daybills, locally produced artwork australia vs new zealand a no contest. Bluebeards 10 honeymoons i sincerely hope nobody has acted on this misleading information and watched bluebeards 10 honeymoons. Tony has spent an enormous amount to time researching and talking to various people regarding the film and goes into great detail regarding every aspect of production. Had the film been released a year or so before, it would have been designed by richardson studio. I had never heard of it until i saw the poster but i would love to see the flick. The film draws the viewer in and you can feel that landru is a man who is both desperate and needy and that the circle is slowly closing around him. On occasions he also wrote complete film scores for movies such as satellite in the sky 1956, the man without a body 1957, on the run 1958, bluebeards ten honeymoons 1960, the breaking point 1961, the omegans 1968, and the film version of love thy neighbour 1973. To me, it sounded like the music from the shower sequence of psycho but for an entire 2 12 hour film. Lee wilder made this cheapo macabre comedy variant on the bluebeard tale, the closest billy wilder s smarter brother ever came to imitating billy s brand. A golddigger inspires her older lover to murder wealthy women for the finances to keep her happy. Bluefield daily telegraph newspaper july 10, 1966, bluefield, west virginiadoily tefegrapk tvmovie guide, july 10, 1966 wednesday programs vvsaz huntington 4woay wcys. The story of blue beard a gripping tale from the past tilretteleggelse av tekst. Blueprint for robberyfoxhole in cairo combo pressbook. I guess the thing that held me back from liking it a lot was the rather hamfisted musical soundtrack.

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